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Aristaya's Garden

Furcadian Arts Community

Furcadian Arts Community
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Aristaya's Garden

Our Patron Prime: Aristaya, Lady of Imagination, Prime of Dreams(Art)

This community is intended to be a place to post art ideas, tips, concepts, questions and the like related to Furcadian art in a non-official social setting. If you're a Furcadian artist or you're interested in sharing your experiences and learning about Furcadia art feel free to sign up. Please take a moment to read over the community guidelines first though:

Community Guidelines (I hate the word rules don't you?)

1. Stay on topic - please don't be posting LOTR art or asking questions about how to patch other games. All Furcadian/furre themed art and discussion thereof be it real media, digital, pixel or otherwise, will be welcome here. All else (non Furcadia themed) is not.

2. Use LJ cut code - please post all page stretching images or smaller images in multiples of three or more behind an lj cut. if you don't know how to use them you can find out here

3. Be Excellent to Each Other - Don't use or redistribute any of the art shared here unless the creator has expressly stated that they are allowing such. If they have not expressly stated it, their work is protected by copyright. Respect one another's hard work and opinions. When giving critique, be constructive. When taking critique, be open minded.

4. Do Not Feed the Trolls - in order to allow community membership to remain open please don't jump to the bait of people who are attempting to harass or hurt us.

*These rules are subject to change at any time without or with notice
(chances are I'll post that there have been changes to the community)

Welcome to Aristaya's Garden!

Marah~Fae Fireheart

Aristaya and Furcadia are copyright © Dragon's Eye Productions.